Dozens of dogs gather for a family reunion

Springer Spaniels and Wiemerianers gather on Winterton beach for a reunion with Other dogs who were

Springer Spaniels and Wiemerianers gather on Winterton beach for a reunion with Other dogs who were all bred by the same family.Byline: Sonya DuncanCopyright: Archant 2016 - Credit: Sonya Duncan

It was a family reunion of the waggiest kind.

More than a dozen dogs and their owners gathered on Winterton beach at the weekend – and every dog there was related to another in some way.

This is because all the dogs – springer spaniels and weimeraners – were bred by the same Norfolk breeder. There were barks of delight and waggy tails aplenty, as brothers, sisters, half-brothers, half-sisters – and even an uncle and niece – laid eyes on each other for the first time since finding new homes.

Dogs from across Norfolk and Suffolk attended the reunion, which was organised through a Facebook group dedicated to owners of spaniels who have bought their pets from the same place. Belinda Rathbone, of Ipswich, who organised the meet-up and brought along her nine-month old springer, Goose, said: 'I thought it would be nice to meet the other owners, as well as seeing all the different dogs. 'Everyone thought it was a lovely idea.'

While most were half-siblings, there were also a few who met dogs from their same litter. Six-month-old weimaraner brothers Bob and Dave met again, as did 17-month-old brother and sister springers Flynn and Sally. Dodger, the oldest at four, met his niece, Luna, who is three months old.

Ian Wall, of Hopton, Dave's owner, said: 'When they saw each other they both looked very excited. 'Within a few moments they were having a cuddle and a roll around on the floor together.'

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