Doodle Man aiming to draw on every surface in Norwich gallery - in just 48 hours

Sam Cox aka the Doodle Man doing a 48 hour charity doodle in support of World Child Cancer.The whole

Sam Cox aka the Doodle Man doing a 48 hour charity doodle in support of World Child Cancer.The whole of Moosey Art Gallery is planned to be covered in doodles.Picture: James Bass - Credit: James Bass

It sounds pasta joke, but a city gallery - and some visitors - is set to be covered in 'graffiti spaghetti'.

Over 48 hours, tireless artist Sam Cox will doodle on every inch of the inside of Moosey Art Gallery on Bridewell Alley in Norwich.

The doodlethon, which started at midday yesterday and ends on Sunday, is raising money for World Child Cancer.

Mr Cox, 22 from Kent, is known as the Doodle Man and will draw on every surface in the gallery including the ceilings and floors - while special guests will be covered in paper ready for what he calls his 'obsessive compulsive drawing'.

Mr Cox draws clusters of characters, objects and patterns, working on various mediums including walls and pieces of furniture. His love of creation has led him to experiment with various other forms of art such as animation and performance art.

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During the doodle marathon Moosey Art will run fundraising events in the gallery and live music nights at the bar The Alley next door, taking donations at the door.

The finished doodle will be taken down after the charity effort, cut into A3 pieces and sold for £10 each.

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The funds raised will be donated to World Child Cancer, an organisation that aims to give every child worldwide suffering from cancer access to treatment and pain relief.

Gallery owner Frazer Bailey said: 'This is a really good charity because it helps people with cancer in third world countries, giving third world countries' children a chance.'

? Are you planning a charity stunt? Email or call 01603 772543.

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