Death of HR manager was accidental, inquest concludes

League of Friends shop at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn reopens

Donna Leadley, from South Wootton, died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in July. - Credit: QEH

A 52-year-old woman's death was accidental, an inquest has concluded, after she was found unresponsive at her home.

Donna Leadley, 52, from South Wootton, died on July 7 after being admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King's Lynn.

An inquest into the HR manager's death heard how she had been prescribed medication for pain in her lower abdomen and back. 

Her medical cause of death was given as cardiovascular arrest, drug overdose and chronic kidney disease.

The inquest, held at Norfolk Coroner's Court in Norwich, heard how Miss Leadley had a history of depression, hypertension, chronic kidney disease and alcohol misuse, and had been in contact with her GP about the pain and also visited A&E on occasion.

A statement read aloud at the inquest on behalf of her mother said she had been to the beach with her daughter a day before she was admitted to hospital and that there was no concern about pain.

It said: "My daughter was a strong woman and we had a lovely time together on the beach."

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A statement from her partner, Christopher Braithwaite, said he came home to find Miss Leadley unresponsive on June 25.

He said they had many happy times together. He added: "I bought her a new car and puppy, and life was really great.

"I can't understand how and why this happened."

Paramedics were called to the scene and carried out CPR before taking Miss Leadley to hospital.

A statement from her GP said she had previously been referred to mental health services and was supported by primary and secondary care, and had been seen on a number of occasions for depression and problems with drinking.

It said Miss Leadley had been seen by gastroenterology and was seen multiple times for abdominal pain and lower back pain, symptoms of gout and gastro pain.

The GP said they were aware she had sometimes struggled with pain control, and had given advice on treatment if incidents of "severe abdominal pain" did not lessen.

Senior coroner Jacqueline Lake gave a conclusion of an accidental death.

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