‘Don’t take me to hospital yet, I’ve still got to vote!’ - Voters head to the polls in Yarmouth

The polling station at the Salvation Army in Tolhouse Street

The polling station at the Salvation Army in Tolhouse Street - Credit: Geraldine Scott

Voters have been keen to get to the polls in Yarmouth as a man who fell over in the rain told people trying to help him: 'Don't take me to hospital yet, I've still got to vote!'

The man - who wasn't seriously hurt - slipped on wet grass on his way to the polling station at the Salvation Army in Tolhouse Street.

Officials there said there had been a steady stream of people throughout the morning so far.

Outside the door at the Salvation Army station were two Leave campaigners, who were planning on going around to other polling stations throughout the day.

In Ormesby St Margaret, officials said voters had been queuing outside the polling station in Station Road before it opened at 7am.

The EU referendum looks set to have a large turnout in Yarmouth, the number of people registered to vote is 72,607.

This was compared with 58,844 people registering to vote in this year's local council elections, and the 69,793 who registered to vote in the 2015 general election.

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However the criteria to vote in referenda and general elections differs from that to voting in local elections.

The main difference is that while in local elections EU citizens can vote, they're not able to in referenda or general elections.

There have been 12,453 postal votes issued for the referendum, and as of 5pm yesterday 10,277 had been returned.

At the last parliamentary election in 2015 the number of postal votes issued was 11,211.

You're able to vote between 7am - 10pm today.

If you are in the queue by 10pm, you are guaranteed a vote, but the advice is to not leave it to the last minute as a high turnout is expected and you could be stuck in a queue for a while.