Dogs could be banned from Walbersiwck beach

Will dogs be banned from Walberswick?

Will dogs be banned from Walberswick?

Dogs could be banned from Walberswick beach in plans by parish councillors.

The council, on behalf of Walberswick's Parish Plan Steering Group, has looked at the possibility of banning dogs on the beach along other environmental issues, which included complaints of noise from traffic and people, light and dust pollution and problems of litter and waste, especially that of dogs.

The parish plan is a survey that is sent out to residents of the village.

Of those surveyed, 46% would like to see a ban on dogs over the summer months, along with 84% wanting a ban on jet skis.

Councillor David Webb believes that dogs on the beach could be a problem during the summer months.

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He said: 'Quite a few people were concerned about dogs on the beach in summer. It (a ban) is not an easy thing to do but it's being looked at.'

This is not the first time that a ban has been looked at, although previously it was considered inappropriate.

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Parish councillor Lorraine Haslegrave asked for dog bins to be placed on the beach as an alternative to the ban.

However, it was pointed out that the people who are responsible for emptying the bins would limit the locations where they can be placed, and that monitoring and enforcing the ban might not be possible.

Annabel Leggett, who walks her dog Frank on the beach, said: 'I would be devastated if it happened.

'Last Sunday I saw no one but dog walkers on the beach.

'It's unfair to discriminate responsible dog owners and their dogs from enjoying the coastline we have enjoyed for many years.'

Mr Webb said: 'It's not the dogs fault, it's the irresponsible owners who don't look after their dogs.'

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