Dog walkers who saved life of suicidal man hailed heroes



Two dog walkers have been hailed heroes after saving the life of a suicidal man near Drayton Woods.

Police had been searching for the man in the area after becoming concerned for his welfare.

On January 8 a call came in to Norfolk Police from a man in West Sussex informing them his father was attempting suicide at Drayton Wood Road.

Nine officers and East of England Ambulance Service paramedics began scouring the woods for the man, who was a patient from Hellesdon Hospital.

Two women walking their dogs were the first to come across the man, who had cut himself and lost half a litre of blood.

They had been walking in Drayton Woods, around a quarter of a mile from Drayton Wood Road, when they heard a man shouting.

When they arrived on the scene, one of the women spoke to the man while the other contacted police and gave them their location.

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The man had hidden himself in a secluded area of undergrowth and was refusing to come out.

Within minutes officers and paramedics were at the scene.

The first two officers who arrived were Pc Ross Hopwood and Pc Jackie Chambers, both from Sprowston Police Station, followed by the paramedics.

The patient was airlifted to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital and underwent immediate surgery.

The call from the dog walkers came in at 3.49pm and the patient was in surgery by 4.44pm.

Police said the man's life had been saved by the quick action of the two dog walkers, who do not wish to be identified.

'Later the two dog walkers were given a call from Pc Chambers with a full update and Pc Hopwood stated that if they had not been there and updated the police of the correct location and state of the patient, he would not have survived,' said a spokesman from Norfolk Police.

'The dog walkers were heroes.'

The Samaritans are available to talk 24/7 by calling 116 123.

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