‘I’ll never walk them there again’ - dog owner vows not to return to heath after pet is poisoned

A warning has been issued after reports dogs have been poisoned at Mousehold Heath. Picture: DENISE

A warning has been issued after reports dogs have been poisoned at Mousehold Heath. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2018

The owner of a Labrador which was one of two dogs to be poisoned after visiting Mousehold Heath has said she'll never walk her dogs there again.

On Saturday, Marion Howes, 72 and from Norwich, took her Cocker Spaniel Maya and Labrador Clover, along with two other dogs owned by her daughter, for a walk on Mousehold Heath.

Within an hour of returning from the walk Clover started shaking and, as the severity increased, Mrs Howes took her to the vet where she was immediately treated for a seizure.

Not long after, Mrs Howes' other dog Maya also started to shake and was taken to the vets.

With two dogs exhibiting the same symptoms, vets told Mrs Howes they believed the cause of the problem was poisoning.

Three days later, Maya has returned home and is recovering but Clover, who had to have the contents of her stomach removed through surgery, is still unwell and may have suffered neurological complications.

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Mrs Howes said: "I've lived in Norfolk for about 48 years and I've never seen anything like this before. The vet still feels that there are neurological problems, at the moment she not's able to stand.

"I'm a dog lover, I know there's lots of people who will just say put her down but I couldn't do that, no way.

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"She's a fighter and I'll do the best I can. I'm going to run out of money soon, I've probably got through £3,500 up to now, my insurance policy won't last forever... So I'll bring her home and work with her myself."

Mrs Howes said the experience meant she would find somewhere new to walk her dogs.

READ MORE: Zip wire vision could see thrill-seekers soar into city from Mousehold HeathShe said: "I will never take them to Mousehold again.

"I've walked over there all the time I've had them but I just think you've got to be aware and if you're prepared to keep your dog on a lead then do, but they need to run and enjoy themselves."

A spokesperson for Medivet Catton, where Mrs Howes took her dogs, said the practice was advising dog owners to keep their pets on a lead and be aware a dog had been poisoned after visiting Mousehold Heath.

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