Poster threatens to spit-roast dogs whose owners don’t clean up after them

The controversial dog mess poster in Overstrand. Picture: submitted

The controversial dog mess poster in Overstrand. Picture: submitted

A dog mess poster that threatened to spit-roast pets whose owners did not clean up after them has been taken down following complaints.

The poster was put up on a fence in Overstrand, near Cromer, and included a drawing of a dog on a spit about to be roasted.

It was on display between Danish House Gardens and Hillingdon Park, but has now been taken down.

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: 'I am all for cleaning up after your dog and believe that you should be fined if you don't. But this poster is wrong and made me very upset and I have a son who is scared to walk his dog in case they do this to his dog. I don't think it's a good thing for the village to have on display.'

Laura Tacey, barmaid at the White Horse in Overstrand, said: 'The poster's a bit over-the-top. It's not very Overstrand - Overstrand's a very conservative village.'

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Resident Diana Muirhead said the poster had been on display between Danish House Gardens and Hillingdon Park.

She said: 'I've laughed at this as we've walked past. And Rocky often stops - but we always clear up.'

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Lee Paris, senior campaigns officer at Dogs Trust, said: 'It's likely that due to its strong tone this poster will have the opposite outcome to its desired one. We aim to encourage responsible behaviours, and the important message about 'bag it bin it' should not be forgotten.'

A North Norfolk District Council spokesman said residents should report incidents of dog fouling through its online reporting system, so it could take appropriate action to catch anti-social dog owners who did not clear up after their pets.

June White, clerk to Overstrand Parish Council, said: 'Dog mess is a problem in all areas of Overstrand. People blame it on tourists but it's like this all year round. 'We sent out a neighbourhood plan questionnaire recently, and a lot of people mentioned the problem of dog mess.'

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