Dog mess clampdown in Great Yarmouth

A high profile clampdown on dog walkers who do not clean up their animals' mess in Great Yarmouth has seen five people dealt with by magistrates.

In the largest hearing of its kind for the borough Yarmouth magistrates yesterday handed out total fines of �405 and a conditional discharge to the five defendants.

Each of the five had admitted or been found guilty of being in charge of allowing a dog to mess the pavement and not clearing it up afterwards.

All of the defendants had been spotted in May by an environmental ranger on patrol as part of a borough council clampdown to stop dog mess ruining the resort and surrounding areas during the summer.

Kerry Flaxman was given a six month conditional discharge after being convicted in his absence after his landlady's dog Lance fouled when it ran after him when he went shopping.

Flaxman, of Beaconsfield Road, was heading toward a shop to get a bag to clear up the mess when he was approached by an environmental ranger.

He now carries bags with him in case 14-year-old Lance goes out with him again.

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In a letter to the court he said: 'I agree totally with the council policy(on dog fouling) but I was caught short.'

Charles Souter was fined �175 and ordered to pay �70 costs after he was convicted in his absence of failing to clear up mess left in shrub beds at Yarmouth's Matalan store.

The court heard Souter, of Southtown Road, had been walking his black and white spaniel for six and half hours and had run out of bags to put mess in.

Miss Lockwood, said: 'He said he was going home to get a bag to clear it up.'

Katie Hamdija was fined �50 and ordered to pay �20 costs after she pleaded guilty by post to failing to clear up after her grandmother's dog on Caister beach.

In her letter Hamdija, of Beach Road, Caister, said: 'I have let my nan down. I have never been in trouble before and this episode is very worrying and stressful to me.'

Neil Mclaughlin, of Beck Way, Loddon, was fined �120 and made to pay �70 in costs after he admitted by post to failing to clear up a mess left by his dog near Yarmouth's North Drive.

The last defendant was Mark Purdie, of King Street, Yarmouth who did not clear up mess left by his dog Wesley on Yarmouth's beach by the Marina Centre.

He was fined �60 and ordered to pay costs of �20 after he pleaded guilty by letter, which said he was deeply sorry and normally carried bags to put mess in.

After the hearings environmental ranger Kerry Hemsworth said: 'Dog fouling remains one of the main concerns that we receive from the public.

'This irresponsible act is anti-social and potentially hazardous.

'Today puts out a clear message that the borough council will not tolerate it.'