Dog left with puncture wound after attack in park

The Oulton Community Centre grounds. Picture: Google

The Oulton Community Centre grounds. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

A woman has issued a warning to other pet owners after watching in shock as her dog was attacked in a park.

Margaret Watson's yorkie cross, Ruby, was attacked by another dog on the grounds next to Oulton Community Centre, at about 2.30pm on Thursday, June 21.

Mrs Watson, 71, said she was worried that it could happen to a child and has made her more nervous around dogs.

Describing the moment the larger animal raced towards Ruby, she said her brother, Stanley, was holding on to the pet as the attack happened.

She said: 'I wasn't even looking, I just saw it come up and attack Ruby. I think my brother just thought it was coming up to play.

'My dog has been attacked before so I am very wary if there is anything about and as there were two dogs around we walked away from them.

'There were two dogs running about and the bigger dog came running across, dropped its ball, and grabbed hold one of my dogs around the head.

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'We had to hit and kick it because it would just not let go and the two ladies just stood there and just did nothing.

'One of the ladies said 'does your dog want a treat'; I couldn't believe it.'

The woman, who didn't provide a name to Mrs Watson following the event, said her dog had never attacked another dog in that way despite Ruby being left with a nasty puncture wound in her head.

Mrs Watson said: 'She [Ruby] is such a nervous dog that I didn't want to put through the trauma of the vets after she had her teeth taken out recently as well.

'She did get over it but she is very nervous and very subdued.'

She added: 'If I take her out for a walk now I take her somewhere quiet and whenever she sees a dog she just barks at it to warn it.

'It could have been a child. I would be worried to take some children to the park now and it does make me more nervous around dogs. I just couldn't believe it would come up and do that to Ruby.'

The incident was reported to police but animal on animal attacks are a civil matter not a criminal matter, something Mrs Watson was not satisfied with.

She said: 'I would have hoped that the police could have gone round and told her to keep it on a lead or in a muzzle.

'It just seems to me that they just don't seem to care about animals.'

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