Excitement as Cromer gets a mention on Doctor Who Christmas Special

Peter Capaldi's swansong in Doctor Who - Twice Upon a Time (C) BBC/BBC Worldwide

Peter Capaldi's swansong in Doctor Who - Twice Upon a Time (C) BBC/BBC Worldwide - Credit: BBC/BBC Worldwide

People were jolted out of their afternoon lethargy yesterday when Cromer was name-checked on the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

A superb sky over Cromer. Photo: Judith Lock

A superb sky over Cromer. Photo: Judith Lock - Credit: Archant

The episode that was aired at 5.30pm was Peter Capaldi's swansong as the Doctor, with millions tuning in.

The mention of the Gem of the Norfolk Coast sparked reaction and debate on Twitter.

The reaction included:

? @Lisey_loo: 'DID CROMER JUST GET A MENTION IN #DoctorWho?

? @LizRankine1: 'I quite startled myself shrieking YES! when Lethbridge-Stewart's name was mentioned. Had anyone else picked up the mention of Cromer Norfolk where dear Nicholas Courtney got his first job as assistant Stage Manager?'

? @JulianRadbourne: 'Have to admit I was buzzing a little when #Cromer got another mention on #DoctorWho.'

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Others delved into the past to find previous mentions of Cromer in Doctor Who.

? @norfolknatter: 'Cromer was mentioned in the Christmas Special Doctor Who episode today. Looks like the Brigadier's family came from Cromer. He once mentioned Cromer back in the days of the third doctor, Jon Pertwee. Town also visited by the 4th Doctor in 1932.'

Fan websites detail numerous occasions when Cromer featured in the long history of Doctor Who. Records include:

? Cromer was a place to which the Brigadier believed UNIT headquarters had once been transported. (TV: The Three Doctors) This became the code name of the file detailing these events. Kate Stewart, the Brigadier's daughter, requested this file when she realised the Eleventh Doctor had encountered one of his other incarnations after going through a time fissure that had appeared in the Under Gallery. (TV: The Day of the Doctor)

? When the Timewyrm sent Ace into the Seventh Doctor's mind, the landscape at first resembled a pier in Cromer. (PROSE: Timewyrm: Revelation)

? Cromer was Mrs Wibbsey's home town. She met the Fourth Doctor there in 1932, where she was controlled by the Hornets. The Doctor took her to Nest Cottage in the 21st century to keep her safe. (AUDIO: The Dead Shoes)