'It's not acceptable' - Resident concerned by low water pressure in village

Anglian Water. Picture: Denise Bradley

Some homes in west Norfolk may be without running water in their homes this morning. - Credit: Denise Bradley

Months of problems with low water pressure which has left residents of a Norfolk village unable to shower at peak times has led to urgent calls to find a solution. 

Cameron Easton, from Docking, west Norfolk, said the village is "notorious" for low water pressure which he said results in him avoiding peak times for showers.

The 74-year-old also said he struggled to brush his teeth on Friday morning with only a "dribble" of water coming out, adding that the issue has been affecting the whole village since March with people reporting it everyday.

He said: "Many of us have contacted Anglian Water direct and we have been given a multitude of answers.

The area affected includes Docking and Sedgeford, and spreads east to South Creake and south to West Rudham and Broomsthorpe.

Picture of the area affected on June 1 which included Docking and Sedgeford, and South Creake. - Credit: Anglian Water

"The situation is no better now than when we started the process."

Anglian Water said customers may be experiencing low water pressure in the area due to "necessary maintenance work" taking place at the treated water storage reservoir nearby, and is working hard to resolve the issue.

But Mr Easton, who has had a house in the village for 20 years, said the problem has existed since then, and that an increase in the population and visitors has put further demand on the supply recently.

He said: "It's like living in a third world country, there's a dribble of water that comes out that you just about get to wash your teeth.

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"Personally I don't shower in the morning anymore because there isn't enough water. I wait until it's non-peak time and then you get a little more water to wash yourself.

"In the year 2021 in a civilised country, it's not acceptable."

An Anglian Water spokesperson said the necessary maintenance work combined with the recent warmer weather means the demand for water is higher, and is "causing lower water pressure in the area."

They added: "Customers can help by reducing their water usage as much as possible during peak times in the morning and evening.  

"We would like to thank them for their patience and apologise for any inconvenience caused."

Mr Easton along with Docking Parish Council have requested a public meeting with Anglian Water to discuss the matter further.