Do you recognise these video games made in Norwich?

Dersingham Primary School at the Norwich Gaming Festival learning day. Photo: Simon Finlay Photograp

Dersingham Primary School at the Norwich Gaming Festival learning day. Photo: Simon Finlay Photography - Credit: Simon Finlay

With the Norwich Gaming Festival underway this week, you may be unaware of the many independent games made in Norwich that are featuring at the festival. Here are 10 games to keep an eye on.

1. The Adventure Pals - this adventure platformer puts you in control of a young adventurer as you try to save your Papa from the evil Mr B. Also you get to ride a giraffe.

2. Automobilista - created by a team across the globe with the artwork created by a Norwich artist, this game has you racing in a range of Brazilian series.

3. Caelum: Into the Sky - this virtual reality puzzle-solving game has you exploring above the clouds. It was developed by Norwich University of Arts student Adam kiraly.

4. Crumple Zone - appearing for the second time at the festival, this game has you building vehicles to complete objectives. Created by Norwich a youngster.

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5. Primal Reign - a time travel experiment has gone wrong and is teleporting primal beasts into modern day. Play as a soldier fighting for his life in virtual reality.

6. Transphere - control a sphere which can switch between materials in order to solve puzzles. You can even build and share your own levels with the community.

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7. Fast Food: Pan Fried Overdrive - this retro-vegetable inspired police get-away game has you trying to escape city of 1980s Cauliwood.

8. 10 second Ninja X - created by Four Circle Interactive, this is a side-scrolling ninja challenge where you have to complete the levels in just 10 seconds.

9. Cosmicraft - ever wanted to be a spaceman? You can in Cosmicraft, as you build your own spacecraft and explore the universe in the search for distance planets.

10, Alien: Qualifier - play as mysterious creatures battling it out in a range of alien habitats. This two-player fighting was created by NUA student Louis Protano.

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