Diver’s discovery leads to explosion at Brundall home

Firefighters on the scene in Oakdale Road in Brundall. Picture: Joe Sayer

Firefighters on the scene in Oakdale Road in Brundall. Picture: Joe Sayer - Credit: Archant

A neighbourhood is today recovering after a diver triggered the evacuation of six homes by bringing home some ammunition from the seabed.

Oakdale Road in Brundall. Picture: Antony Kelly

Oakdale Road in Brundall. Picture: Antony Kelly - Credit: Archant

The 41-year-old suffered burns from the artefact at his home on Oakdale Road, Brundall, and went to hospital for help. Worried hospital staff called the police, who placed an 80m cordon on the road and evacuated six of the closest homes.

Today, neighbours told how the man – who has not been identified – later returned home and delivered bottles of wine and apologies to those affected by the drama.

Peter and Sue Cudby returned home to find their property blocked off, havingbeen out for a meal with friends.

On being told they could not enter their home, they initially spend an hour sitting in a nearby McDonald's, before then waiting in the car park of the doctor's surgery.

Oakdale Road resident Josh Claxton

Oakdale Road resident Josh Claxton - Credit: Archant

Mr Cudby said: 'The police were very polite and professional – they were just doing their job – but we just wanted to go to bed.'

Mrs Cudby added: 'This isn't the type of thing that happens in Brundall.'

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Steve Cooper, 48, returned home in the evening to find his house inaccessible, with his dog – called Archie – still inside.

Mr Cooper said: 'I didn't really know what was going on.

'I got home at around nine to collect the dog and it wasn't until about an hour later that I was allowed in just to get him. I stayed at my girlfriend's in Thorpe.'

Josh Claxton, 28, had also been out when the drama began, spending time with friends in the Ram pub.

He added: 'I originally came home at around half 10 and was told I could not go in – so it was a good excuse to go back to the pub until closing.

'I then went back and stayed around a friend's house until I was allowed back in, which wasn't until about 1.50am.'

The cordon was kept in place as a safety precaution, pending the arrival of Colchester's Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit.

Police kept residents at a safe distance while the bomb squad

ascertained that the artefacts were of no wider risk to people living


Fire engines from Earlham, Sprowston, Acle and Carrow also attended the scene, assisting police in ensuring the area was safe.

The cordon was eventually lifted at around 2am.

Residents of Oakdale Road have reacted to the evening's drama, sharing their different experiences and views of the events.

Gordon Barry, 42, pictured, said: 'I think it was fairly odd that trains were still able to go by. I found it a bit frustrating that some people weren't able to get into the cul-de-sac, while others weren't able to get out.'

Joe Sayer, 19, said: 'There was quite a few people about and several fire engines and response cars. Initially I thought it may have been a house fire, but didn't really know what was going on – I'd definitely say it was a one off.'

Kerry Alderton, 25, pictured, said: 'I came home at about 10 past 11 and saw the police tape and thought something terrible had happened to my house – like I had left the oven on or something. Luckily, I was allowed back in my home, but I was very surprised by what had happened.'