Diss transport auction gives glimpse of the past

Vehicle and transport collection set to be auctioned at TW Gaze, Diss Andre Ling from TW Gaze with s

Vehicle and transport collection set to be auctioned at TW Gaze, Diss Andre Ling from TW Gaze with some of the collection.PHOTO: Nick Butcher - Credit: Nick Butcher

It is a collection that harks back to the bygone days of bone shaking bikes, elegant looking cars and goggle-wearing drivers.

For 60 years Peter Newton Bailey collected transport artefacts, some dating back to the 19th century, that would not look out of place on Downton Abbey or Victoria.

And now his collection of about 150 items, including a 1926 Rolls Royce, two penny farthings and a rare 19th century tricycle, are set to be auctioned in Diss later this month.

On September, Thursday, September 29 T W Gaze will be auctioning the collection that had belonged to Mr Bailey, who was from the north of Norwich and died earlier this year.

Among the transport treasure trove are carriage lamps, car horns, oils cans, a petrol pump, a hand indicator and gloves and goggles sets.

The collection is already attracting international interest and Rolls Royce enthusiasts have already contacted the TW Gaze showroom at Roydon Road.

Elizabeth Talbot, auction rooms director, said: 'Peter Newton Bailey was a collector for 60 years and he had a fascination with keeping items he had found.

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'He was a hoarder with a heart and would show some of his items at events such as church fetes.'

She added that the importance of having the collection at TW Gaze was that it gave a rare opportunity to have so many items relating to transport dating back to the 19th century in one place at any one time.

Auctioneer Andre Ling said: 'This is a really nice collection and some of these items are rare.

'Some of these contraptions look quite bizarre when compared to later bicycles. You can see why some were called bone shakers.'

The collection is part of an overall automobelia auction on September 29, which will be supported by an online bidding facility.

There will be a viewing session between 12pm and 5pm on the day of sale.

Viewings can also be arranged earlier by appointment.

The auction will begin at 5pm with a catalogue available the day before.

A further collection of Peter Newton Bailey's items is due to be auctioned off at a later date.

For more information TW Gaze visit www.twgaze.co.uk

Have you got an unusual or rare collection? Email anthony.carroll@archant.co.uk

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