'Like touching grim reaper's nose': Teenager lucky to be alive after crash

Corey Lance broke his neck and fractured three vertebrates after crashing his motorbike.

Corey Lance broke his neck and fractured three vertebraes after crashing his motorbike. - Credit: Corey Lance

A teenager has vowed to never ride a motorbike again after a horror crash which saw him break his neck and fracture three vertebrae.

Corey Lance, 18, from Diss, was on his way to work at around 9.30pm on Thursday, November 25, when the motorbike he was riding skidded on the wet surface and sent him flying towards a safety barrier at a bend near East Harling.

"I came off the bike and my neck hit the barrier hard. I knocked myself out," Mr Lance said.

After coming round, he said that he went to his bike to continue his journey without realising the extent of his injuries.

"I can only think adrenaline made me do that - blood was pouring from the side of my head," he added.

"I had half collapsed on the bike as I was going to pick it up. I was going to get up and go again. 

"At that moment, a car pulled over and the driver held me by the shoulders and said 'keep your head still'. He stopped me."

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An ambulance was called and Mr Lance was then taken to Norfolk and Norwich Hospital (N&N) where he had a CT scan which showed a broken neck. However, when doctors tried to mobilise him after the scan, the teenager was able to walk as normal.

"I got away with this one. It's definitely made me appreciate life more," he said.

Corey Lance was full of praise for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital staff that looked after him.

Corey Lance was full of praise for the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital staff that looked after him. - Credit: Corey Lance

"I'm a very active person and enjoy going out so being paralysed would have ruined my life."

Mr Lance spent five days at the N&N and was full of praise for the staff that looked after him.

"They couldn't have been better - they were absolutely brilliant," Mr Lance added.

"They were always there for everything I needed and I can't show them enough appreciation."

Following the crash, Mr Lance has promised to never step foot on a motorbike again.

"This was a little too close for me so I won't be going on one ever again," he said.

"It was like touching noses with the grim reaper."

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