Diss students protest tuition fees rise

Dozens of students braved the bitterly cold weather yesterday to air their anger against the coalition government's tuition fee rises.

Teenagers who will be the first to be hit by university tuition fee increases of up to �9,000 a year gathered at Diss Park for a peaceful demonstration to oppose higher education cuts.

Students behind the Norfolk Campaign for Accessible Education (NCAE) pledged to continue their fight, despite MPs voting for tuition fee rises last week.

Placards saying 'Dumbledore would never let this happen' and 'these men have Eton our futures' were displayed during the protest yesterday and passers-by were urged to sign petitions against the tuition fees increase, cuts to the Education Maintenance Allowance, and the end of transport subsidies for sixth form students in Norfolk.

Will Sandford, chairman of the sixth form committee at Diss High School, said the tuition fees decision would only increase the gap between the rich and the poor.

'Even though the vote has been taken, local people are still angry about it and against the idea of cuts to education and increases in tuition fees. A lot of people are hoping to get out into the wider world and I think a lot of people will end up staying where they are and it does not encourage ambition,' he said.

James Baillie, one of the founders of NCAE, added that it was unfair that young people were being punished for the country's financial position.

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'This is not an isolated campaign. We are going to keep up the pressure and keep going. We are not a violent movement, we are not anti-government and we are determined to make a difference,' he said.