Diss green residents’ warning to drivers

Residents living around a Diss green have taken action to stop drivers from using a private road as a cut-through route.

Members of the Fair Green Neighbourhood Association and householders are holding a vigil at the entrance of the area's access roads this week to deter motorists from using the 'fragile' roads.

The traffic survey comes after the residents' association formally took over the management of Fair Green last month after it was bought by an anonymous local person.

Householders have been out with signs during rush hour periods between 8.30am and 9am and 5.30pm and 6pm to remind drivers that 'access only' means just access for people living on the green.

Rachel Baker, chairman of the neighbourhood association, said many motorists were using the private roads to cut through to Denmark Lane and Tottington Lane and avoid traffic at the Denmark Street-A1066 junction.

She added that the amount of traffic had reduced significantly as a result of the campaign.

'People have turned a blind eye in the past, but because we have this fragile road surface, we are trying to cut down the traffic on it and remind people that it is access only.'

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'We get people going very fast, which is a worry because a lot of houses open up straight on to the road.'

'We have been nice and polite and the people we have stopped have turned around and gone the other way,' she said.

'It is part of a long campaign to cut unnecessary use on the roads.'

Mrs Baker said the Fair Green Neighbourhood Association would eventually look to install gates at the entrance of the access roads to deter unauthorised drivers.