Discussions being held today to decide how to remove washed up whale from beach

The 45ft dead male sperm whale is being removed from Old Hunstanton beach. Picture: Ian Burt

The 45ft dead male sperm whale is being removed from Old Hunstanton beach. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

Relevant parties are meeting to decide how and when the body of the 45ft sperm whale is going to be removed from the beach at Old Hunstanton.

The creature stranded off a section of beach owned by the Le Strange Estate - and tradition has it the head of the family may lay claim to anything which washes up on that part of the Norfolk coastline.

Land agent Jonathan Fryer said: 'We will be in discussions with the relevant parties throughout Monday to try and get it removed as soon as possible. It's obviously very difficult to try and dispose of a whale.'

Visitors travelled from across the country over the weekend to see the body of the male sperm whale, which became stranded around a mile north of the Le Strange Arms on Thursday morning. It failed to swim away on the high tide and was pronounced dead later that evening.

The carcus of another whale, which was washed up on Hunstanton Beach two weeks ago, was taken away to be incinerated. West Norfolk Council picked up the £15,000 bill.

The council has advised people not to visit the area but they chose to, not to touch the whale or allow dogs to come into contact with its carcase.

It is also warning shellfish in this area must not be collected for personal consumption and water sports enthusiasts including bathers should be aware that water quality could be affected.

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A spokeman added: 'Visitors are being encouraged to keep their distance from the whale and to put their own safety first by making sure they are aware of the tides.'

- Did you visit the whale at the weekend? Email louise.hepburn@archant.co.uk

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