Disabled student claims bus driver terminated her Norwich to Great Yarmouth journey in Acle

Amy Bendit with parents Lynda and Barry Bendit at Great Yarmouth bus station. Picture: David Hannant

Amy Bendit with parents Lynda and Barry Bendit at Great Yarmouth bus station. Picture: David Hannant - Credit: Archant

A disabled woman was left stranded almost 10 miles from her home after it was claimed a bus driver refused to provide her with a full journey.

Amy Bendit, who suffers from learning difficulties including ADHD, takes the X1 bus from Norwich to Great Yarmouth every Friday after working at the Parkside School.

Each week, her father Barry drives her into Norwich and her disabled bus pass allows her to complete the return journey, however on one journey she said the driver told her he could only take her as far as Acle.

She was then left stranded in the village, requiring her mother to arrange for an £11 taxi to take her the rest of the way.

Miss Bendit, 20, said: 'It was very distressing. I was panicking, not knowing what to do, where to go, or how to get home.'

Mr Bendit, a retired bus driver himself, said: 'I would never have dreamed of not taking one of my passengers their whole journey - especially not a young person.

'I've contacted First and told them how distressed Amy was and we haven't had so much as an apology from them. I contacted their head office who said the bus driver denies that it ever happened.'

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Mum Lynda Bendit added: 'When Amy got home that day she was so upset.

'I was shocked with their response when they spoke to my husband. It felt like they were saying Amy was a liar, but we would definitely know if she was, I was so annoyed when they suggested that.'

Miss Bendit lives with her parents on Nelson Road Central in Great Yarmouth, and studies at East Coast College in Great Yarmouth, as well as working one day a week at the school.

Alvin Parker, depot manager for First Eastern Counties in Great Yarmouth, confirmed the company is investigating the alleged incident from May 19.

He said: 'I want to thank Mr Bendit for bringing the matter to my attention. I will look into the alleged incident but will need further clarification on the journey taken by his daughter, as well as on the type of disabled bus pass being used, as there are many variants which can have restrictions for travel attached. 'I can assure Mr Bendit that we take all matters of customer dissatisfaction very seriously and will always do everything we can to ensure customers are satisfied with the service we provide.'

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