Digital radio listeners in East Anglia miss out on 18 DAB stations

Digital radio. Submitted.

Digital radio. Submitted. - Credit: Archant

Digital radio listeners across East Anglia have lost access to three national radio stations and will miss out on 15 others after a number were moved onto a new frequency which does not cover large parts of the region.

Planet Rock, Absolute 80s and Premier Christian Radio were moved across to the new digital frequency last week. Twelve new stations previously unavailable on digital radio are also on the new frequency.

The move has been met with disappointment from listeners across the region, with many now unable to access their favourite radio station via their digital radio.

Jan Davies, 59, of Ipswich, has set up an online petition calling for Planet Rock to be available on digital radios nationwide.

She said: 'It is the only station I ever listen to and one of the only rock stations available.

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'There was really very little notice about the change and now on the radio all I will hear is chart music, talking or silence!'

The petition has so far received over 2,000 signatures with many people signing it stating that they only bought digital radios to listen to the rock station owned by Bauer Media.

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Paula Mcgrath, of Wymondham, wrote on the petition: 'Planet Rock should be kept available to the country. The app requires a good mobile signal which we don't have in Norfolk and you can't always listen through Sky or the Internet.'

John Shirely from Coltishall added: 'I would like to continue listening to planet rock. Most of East Anglia, the south west and Wales' coverage has been wiped out by this change; so much for the DAB future.'

A spokesperson for Bauer media said: 'We are urging listeners to re-tune their digital radios in order to receive the stations, however, there are a certain number of listeners in the region who sadly fall out of the new coverage zones.

'We know how passionate our listeners are and we of course appreciate the disappointment from our loyal DAB listeners in the Norfolk region.'

Listeners can access the 18 channels via mobile apps, digital television and online but Ms Davies said this is just not practical for many people.

'Builders and people working remotely rely on their digital radios to get these channels and it is part of their tool box,' she said. 'Personally I usually listen to the station on my digital radio up to 10 hours a day and I don't want to have to leave the PC running for all that time to stream it.'

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