Did you hear ‘sonic boom’ over Norfolk?

Was a jet, like this Tornado, responsible for a 'sonic boom' which has been heard over Norfolk tonight

Was a jet, like this Tornado, responsible for a 'sonic boom' which has been heard over Norfolk tonight - Credit: IAN BURT

People living across parts of Norfolk have taken to social media networks in their droves to speculate as to whether or not they heard a sonic boom last night.

Dozens of messages have been posted on Twitter and Facebook from people wondering if a 'big bang' heard at about 8.15pm was the result of a sonic boom from jets operating in the area.

Norfolk Police said they have received 'no calls' about the bang which is still generating a great deal of discussion.

Matt Shailer said: 'I heard it in Bradenham, shook the house a bit. Guessed it was a sonic boom as jets where in the sky.'

Janine Cott said: 'I heard it in Toftwood, and felt it! It shook my house. Scary stuff.'

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Amanda Leonard, who lives in Dereham, said: 'I didn't see anything but heard a big bang and my whole house shook at about 8.15. I noticed on Facebook that a lot of my friends from the Dereham area had also heard it. Some as far away as Easton & Wymondham! That's where someone said it must have been a 'sonic boom'.'

James Wilcock said: 'It was consistent with when planes were overhead. Very loud boom. Windows shook. Kids woke up and dog didn't like it!'

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Ian Saunders, who lives near Watton said: 'There was a big bang but there had been a lot of plane activity overhead tonight so possibly to do with that but all quiet now.'

Angie Neave in Dereham said: 'Really loud bang windows shook, lots of our neighbours outside looking to see if they could see anything.'

Mary-Ann Knee said: 'Well that explains it. I went running upstairs because I thought the boys' bunk beds had collapsed!'

Rachel Lowles, who lives in Toftwood, said: 'I heard it!! I was in the bath and I thought there had been an explosion.'

Laura Steward said: 'I was stood in my garden in Dereham with husband and parents when we heard it. It sounded like really loud crack of thunder that made us jump, sounded like it came from the west of us, all the birds that had just gone to roost were startled by it! Have heard lots of aircraft since.'

Terry Wittkopp said: 'I heard it in my studio on Rash's Green in Dereham. It shook the roof.'

Jeanie Woods said: 'Yep heard it at studio on Rash's Green in Dereham, thought something had landed on the roof.'

Jean Everett added: 'I heard it in Shipdham. It rattled the windows and the dogs went crazy.'

Tracey Steward said: 'I heard it in Toftwood and it made me jump and the dog too around 8pm last night.'

Trudy Dell, of Watton, said: 'I wondered what it was. The dogs went mad at around 8pm.'

Sarah Ellis said: 'We thought that something had hit the roof of the house in Shipdham. I was quite relieved to know it was a sonic boom not flying debris.'

Kylie Rees added: 'I heard it and we live in Carbrooke. I thought it was thundering to start off with.'

Caz Bixby said: 'I heard it too in the garden in the town centre. There were two consecutive loud booms that went through me, and it felt like the ground moved. I wasn't sure what it was at first. Me and my partner at first thought it was a car crashing until my partner heard the plane afterwards and told me it was a sonic boom.'

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