Diabetic teenager left lying in city street for 90 minutes after bicycle accident as passers-by fail to call ambulance

A diabetic teenager was left lying by a road with a broken hip for 90 minutes after several passers-by failed to help him.

Josh Fox, 16, right, fell off his bicycle on Earlham Grove, in west Norwich, breaking the bone below his left hip, but no-one came to his aid until two women stopped and called an ambulance.

Josh, who was diagnosed with type one diabetes in May, was on his way to his aunt's house on Motum Road to get needles for his insulin injection, when he skidded and fell off his bicycle.

The accident happened at midday, but he did not get treatment until 1.30pm.

The City College student said two men approached him, but neither called an ambulance.

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Around a dozen people walked past Josh until, eventually, two women came to his rescue and called 999. He was then taken to the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

His grandmother Chris Fox, 72, said: 'It was just one event after another.

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'I want to say thank you to the ladies who helped him.

'If it wasn't for them I don't know what could've happened, but I'm disgusted at people walking past.

'A man picked him up and said he would come back and didn't.

'People walked past looking at him.

'He is not very well. It really upset me. It just doesn't make sense.

'I wouldn't leave a dog lying there.'

The great-great grandmother found her grandson in hospital looking pale. 'He was white. His insulin levels had dropped. It was terrible,' she said.

Josh is now hobbling on crutches and needs a wheelchair to get around.

He has screws and a metal plate in his leg to help his recovery.

He said: 'I couldn't move. I couldn't believe people did that.'

With no mobile phone on him, he had to rely on strangers to call an ambulance, following his accident on December 13.

Josh said one man came up to him to ask if he was okay, but then walked off and did not return.

Another man then picked him up and said he would return to help, but when he came back he said he could not help because his child was getting cold.

Mrs Fox brought her family up in West Earlham but moved out of the area 20 years ago.

She said she remembered it as a friendly neighbourhood.

The family now live in Carelton Rode, in south Norfolk.

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