Developments over Kessingland skate park plan

The first steps have been taken in re-shaping the charity which will decide if the young people of Kessingland, near, Lowestoft, will be given a skate park.

On Thursday night five new members were chosen for the management committee of the Kessingland Sport and Social Centre(KSSC), which owns the lease the Francis Road playing field where it is hoped the park can be built.

The appointment of Karl Traynier, Carol Mallard, Moll Robb, Kelly Haward and Debbie Butcher came after the KSSC's previous management committee all stood down en masse last month.

Several of the new members said they are in support of young people and the community - giving fresh hope to a skate park support group that their plans may come to fruition.

The new committee will meet again on Thursday night and decide which local groups and users of the KSSC facilities will be allowed to sit on the committee and be given a vote.

Nick Suker, of the support group, was told he could put himself forward for nomination to the committee.

The old KSSC committee opposed the Francis Road park as it said there was other land in available for it and it would have to pay for its upkeep.

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