Police still on scene at woodland near East Harling after murder inquiry launched

Police will remain on scene over the next few days (Picture: Peter Walsh)

Police will remain on scene over the next few days (Picture: Peter Walsh) - Credit: Archant

Police are still on scene at woodland near to East Harling following the launch of a murder inquiry.

Police will remain on scene over the next few days (Picture: Peter Walsh)

Police will remain on scene over the next few days (Picture: Peter Walsh) - Credit: Archant

Officers were called to the woodland near the Fiveways Junction at about 10.45am on Saturday morning after the discovery of a man's body.

A murder probe was launched after a Home Office post-mortem examination found that while the cause of death needs further investigation, the victim appears to have been 'subjected to a serious assault'.

Areas of woodland near the Fiveways junction have been sealed off following the discovery and police remain there today.

They are expected to be there for the next few days.

A police van and car are parked next to quite an area of woodland, close to a pig farm, which has been taped off.

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A white tent, which is being guarded by officers, can be seen within quite a large sealed off area in the woods which runs close to a pathway.

The scene is close to a pig farm and although pigs and piglets can be heard squealing and grunting there is very little other noise apart from birds singing or flapping about in the trees.

A little further down the road, nearer to the Fiveways junction, a police car is parked in front of another area of woodland which has been taped off near to a pile of logs.

Despite the police activity the single track road is pretty quiet although the area is popular with dog walkers.

A 78-year-old dog walker, who did not want to be named, said: 'I was here on Saturday and did see police cars along here but that's all I knew.

'I didn't know what they were there for or anything.

'It's shocking not just surprising.'

There is also shock today in the nearby village of East Harling where police officers are carrying out extra patrols to reassure the public.

A worker at East Harling Post Office, who wanted to remain anonymous, said: 'You don't like that sort of thing happening on your doorstep - it's worrying.'

Ted Pheasant, who works at F.L. Edge Butchers in Market Street, East Harling, said: 'It was just a shock to find out there was a murder.'

Mr Pheasant said he only found out a murder inquiry had been launched on Monday (August 7) morning, but did recall seeing several police cars 'roaring' through the village with their blue lights ablaze on Saturday.

He said: 'On Saturday there was a couple of police cars which raced through and another three after that.

'I thought someone said there was an accident at the crossroads but never heard anything more about it.

Savash Turkel, who works at Rumbles Fish Bar in the village, said: 'It's a bit of a shock for a quiet village.

'I've been here seven years and its the first time we've heard of a murder in East Harling.'

A 72-year-old man, who has lived in the area all his life, but did not want to be named, said: 'There's been lots of stuff on Facebook.

'My daughter emailed me to make sure it wasn't me. I had to comfort her and tell her no it wasn't, I'm fine.

'I don't think its a local person but someone whose been brought from out of the area.'

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Detective superintendent Katie Elliott, senior investigating officer, said: 'We are in the early stages of our investigation and working to establish the sequence of events which led to this man's death.

'I would like to reassure the local communities that we have increased the policing presence in the area, but I would ask members of the public to avoid the wooded area between East Harling and Shadwell while we carry out our enquires.'

Police are keen to hear from anyone who was in the area at the time and may have further information on the incident.

• Anyone with information should contact Norfolk police on 101.

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