“I was 22 stone and at risk of heart disease”- Norfolk woman transforms her life after losing 9 stone

Amy Dugan has transformed her life after joining a weight loss programme through Slimming World. Pic

Amy Dugan has transformed her life after joining a weight loss programme through Slimming World. Picture: Supplied by Amy Dugan. - Credit: Archant

A Norfolk woman has found love, better health and a new career after losing around 9 stone in weight.

Amy Dugan, 29, from Watton, joined Slimming World in 2014 when she weighed 22 stone after realising she had to make changes to prevent her feeling isolated from friends and family and because she was at greater risk from diabetes and heart disease. She was also struggling to manage her asthma.

She said: 'I was so worried about joining Slimming World, I thought everyone would stare at me as I walked through the door but I was greeted with smiles and open arms. It was amazing.

'One of the reasons that I joined Slimming World was that I was watching everyone else do normal things like going to theme parks, going out for meals and the thing I wanted more than anything, to fall in love.

'I came to realise that until I learned to love the person I was, I could never be truly happy so I decided to tackle the biggest thing that had been holding me back, my weight.'

She has since become engaged, largely thanks to the confidence she gained from losing weight.

She added: 'Alan and I had spoken before I lost weight, but I refused to let him take me out for a coffee, I lacked the confidence to believe he would like me when he saw me.

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'However, following my weight loss, I had gained the confidence to meet and fast forward 2 years, we are happily engaged. Now it's time to slim for the dress as we look to get married next May.'

After losing weight, she decided to join Slimming World as a consultant and is now helping others to do the same by relaunching a Saturday morning class at Dereham Lesiure Centre.

She said: 'I love being a consultant. Seeing people lose weight and become happy and confident in their own skin is indescribable.

'All I've ever wanted is to give just one person back the life that Slimming World gave to me and now, having had many people achieve their target weights, I can't wait to support even more people in achieving their weight loss dreams.'

For more information, visit Amy at Dereham Leisure Centre every Saturday at 8.30AM or contact her on 07590806046.