Dereham car park pothole problem is ‘farcical’

Dereham's town council clerk has blasted the lack of action over two large potholes at the entrance of a major car park.

The holes have opened up at the main entrance to the Cherry Tree car park in Dereham, next to the former pub.

But despite Breckland Council owning the parking area, the authority does not own the land where the gaps have formed.

It is thought the pub owners, believed to be from Thailand, own the land used by hundreds of motorists each day.

Tony Needham, town council clerk, said: 'I think if Breckland wanted to fix it they could find a way. It is farcical. Everybody wants it done but no-one is doing anything.'

He added that Dereham residents were 'exasperated' with the situation, which was raised at a recent town council meeting.

A Breckland spokesman confirmed: 'We have written to the registered landowner and informed them where the potholes are and asked them to take the appropriate action. As this is not our land we are unable to take any further action at this stage.'

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It is understood the pub owners have an agent in Britain to help carry out their business and it is this individual Breckland has written to.

A Norfolk County Council spokesman said the authority did not have responsibility for the land, but had worked with Breckland to find and notify the landowner about the damaged bit of road.

The Cherry Tree Car Park has 448 spaces and is also used by patients of the Theatre Royal Surgery and shoppers and workers in the town.

Concerns over the potholes include potential damage for cars and the risk of injury for pedestrians crossing the road.

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