Norfolk rockers record song in aid of fight to save music venues

Dereham rockers, Bad Touch. Picture: Joby Sessions

Dereham rockers, Bad Touch. Picture: Joby Sessions - Credit: Archant

A mid Norfolk band has taken advantage of lockdown to record a track in support of the Music Venue Trust.

Bad Touch frontman, Stevie Westwood. Picture: Marty Moffatt

Bad Touch frontman, Stevie Westwood. Picture: Marty Moffatt - Credit: Archant

Dereham rockers Bad Touch have used their downtime to support the trust, which is fighting to help secure the future of venues across the country.

Bad Touch frontman, Stevie Westwood, said the band jumped at the chance to help by recording Keep On Smilin’.

“What is a band without a venue?” he said. “We’ve been together a decade now, and over that time we’ve been very fortunate to play in some awesome venues – not just the ones with the big stages or professional sound systems but some that had next-to-nothing and were still electric to play in.

“Sadly, many of these culturally integral places, both big and small, have now shut their doors for good. Some have been holding on by the skin of their teeth and with the support of their local gig-going community for years.

“With the added weight of the lockdown, the pressure for some has proven too much to bear. So when the chance for us to work with the Music Venue Trust came up – an excuse to make a noise, share some love and smiles, and hopefully prevent some more doors from closing – we jumped at the opportunity.”

The lockdown came into force just as Bad Touch planned to head out on the road. The band’s fourth album, Kiss The Sky, is due for release later this month and they should have been on tour during March and April. Westwood said “it sucks” that they had to put their plans on ice.

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“Anyone who knows Bad Touch knows that we live to be on the road, but we stand strong and optimistic. The album is still to be released on June 19 come hell or high water. It would have been nice to have gone on our headline tour but it wasn’t to be. So, yeah, it screwed us over, but it’s done that to everyone,” he said.

“We’re just going to sit back, hone our craft, look after ourselves and our loved ones, and come out the other side fighting and more electric than ever.”

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