Demand for road improvements in Lowestoft and Beccles

East Anglia's road system needs an investment boost to make sure it provides the region with the transport system it deserves the House of Commons was told yesterday.

Peter Aldous the MP for Waveney has demanded the government improves the infrastructure in the region to ease congestion and speed up journeys.

In a speech Mr Aldous said by investing in possible schemes in his constituency such as the Beccles loop on the East Suffolk railway line, the Beccles southern relief road and a third river crossing in Lowestoft government coffers would reap the benefits from economic growth.

To illustrate his argument Mr Aldous said for every pound spent in tackling traffic pinch points, such as the A11 and Lowestoft's road system, �10 would be generated through an increase in business due to less busy roads.

Mr Aldous also gave three strong arguments why East Anglia's infrastructure should be improved.

He said: 'There is a need for good roads as East Anglia has a greater reliance on private vehicles than any other UK region.

'The area is relatively inaccessible when compared to similar regions around the world with who we are competing for inward investment. It takes significantly longer to get to major economic centre than it does in other UK regions.

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'Despite these drawbacks and the relative inadequacy of infrastructure in East Anglia, the economy performs pretty well.

'In terms of GDP we are the third top performing region in the UK and are positive contributors to the Exchequer.

'With the proper investment East Anglia can contribute a great deal more, playing a key role in securing the coalition government's objectives of creating new jobs to lead the country out of recession, re-balancing the economy across all regions and creating green growth.'

In his constituency Mr Aldous said a Beccles railway loop would improve accessibility while any southern relief road would open up commercial land and see less lorries rumbling through the town centre.

In Lowestoft a potential third river crossing would help regenerate the town centre and enable the town to realise its full potential as an international centre for renewable energy.

The MP went on to criticise transport bosses at regional levels for taking their eye off the ball over the last 20 years by not continually improving local road networks, and regularly building bypasses and relief roads through market towns.

Mr Aldous also said strategic transport policy resembled the 'gestation period of an elephant' because of the time it took complete projects.

He added: 'A good transport system is a prerequisite for sustained economic growth and conversely poor infrastructure and congestion hold back growth and the creation of jobs.'

Mr Aldous also said the region's electricity network and fast broadband access should also be improved.