Here to stay - Delia confirms commitment to Norwich City

Television chef and Norwich City majority shareholder Delia Smith never misses a match but she will

Delia Smith confirms she has no plans to step away from her role at Norwich City. - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

Norwich City's joint majority shareholder Delia Smith has reaffirmed her commitment to the club and said she has no plans to leave.

In a wide-ranging interview with BBC Radio 4, the 80-year-old chef admitted she booed the Roman Abramovich chants during the Canaries' match against Chelsea and called the government's approach to visas "cold".

When asked given the club's situation if she ever thought about selling up, Delia made it clear she would remain at Norwich City - calling sport a "rollercoaster with more joy than pain".

She said: "No. No, I don't.

"We have to always remember that it's called sport.

"Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and that's how it goes. It's a rollercoaster with more joy than pain."

Ahead of Norwich City's match against Chelsea on Thursday (March 10) evening, the government issued sanctions against the Blues' owner Roman Abramovich amid links to Russia president Vladimir Putin.

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In a display of support for Chelsea's Russian owner, travelling fans chanted Mr Abramovich's name in the away end which was met with boos from the City fans - including from Delia herself.

She added: "I was with our crowd and we were booing at the top of our lungs, including me, when Abramovich was mentioned.

"They had a lovely little song which was sang back at them.

"It's interesting because it's been going for nearly 20 years and it's taken a war for it to come to the surface."

Abramovich took over Chelsea in 2003 and his millions have helped propel Chelsea to become one of Europe's elite clubs.

Delia pointed to the Russian owner's takeover of Chelsea 19 years ago and said it "hadn't done football a lot of good".

She said: "If you have multi-million pound players not even playing in the game and sitting on the bench while you have clubs like ours who are self-funding, sport goes out the window.

"It's so unfair."

Delia, who celebrated 25 years at the club in November 2021, also criticised the decision to not get rid of visas as people in Ukraine seek refuge from the war.

Delia said: "One or two people have made the decision not to do away with visas and we have no say.

"We're coldly slamming the door in their face. It's not how Britain truly is and all of us should do what we can to persuade the government to scrap visas."

Delia was speaking as part of the launch of her new book 'You Matter: The Human Solution' which was released earlier this month.