Delia Smith wears her Norwich City FC scarf in new advert for EE

Delia Smith and Kevin Bacon star in the latest EE advert, Picture: Tom Dymond

Delia Smith and Kevin Bacon star in the latest EE advert, Picture: Tom Dymond - Credit: Tom Dymond

Delia Smith has put Norwich City FC front and centre in her latest advert campaign alongside Kevin Bacon for EE.

The 30 second ad opens with the world famous cook wearing her Canary club colours and struggling to prepare a roast chicken whilst watching a game on her laptop.

Just when it seemed like she was going to miss some action from the stellar club, Kevin Bacon strolls in with a bunch of carrots ready for roasting and shares EE's new phone casting service, so the pair can watch all the live action on the TV screen in the kitchen.

Delia Smith is the latest Brit to star in EE's brand campaigns, following Peep Show's David Mitchell appearing in an EE ad set in a safari park in June.

Earlier this year, Mrs Smith spoke to the Guardian about the future of the team at Carrow Road.

She said: ''Release the purse strings', that's the actual phrase. Why don't the board release the purse strings?

'Well, I certainly feel that my experience of the Premier League was that we never had any money.

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'Even if we got promoted this year, we still wouldn't have had any money, the way the wages are. I think the first time a supporter came up and gave me a rollicking face to face I was bit shocked. But you do get used to it over time. And I do understand their passion.'

She added: 'We've got some work to do I think in getting our supporters really to buy into that with us. But it would be wonderful if we could go through everything and stick together.'