Deer crash biker praises those who saved him

Nick Tinker from Mattishall was involved in an crash with a deer, and wants to thank those who help

Nick Tinker from Mattishall was involved in an crash with a deer, and wants to thank those who help saved his life. Picture; Matthew Usher. - Credit: Matthew Usher

A motorcyclist who is lucky to be alive after hitting a deer at East Tuddenham has praised the efforts of those who saved his life.

Nick Tinker, 46, from Mattishall, was on his way to work when the animal leapt out from the side of the road.

The father of two said he did not remember much from the accident, which happened at about 6.30am last Monday, except that one minute he was on his way to work in Norwich and then the next he was in the back of the ambulance.

Mr Tinker was riding at about 35 to 40mph and, due to foggy conditions, had his visor up at the the time of the crash.

The plasterer, who helps to restore old buildings, has been left with a broken collar bone, smashed shoulder, broken ribs, a crack in his pelvis, a hole in the side of one of his ankles and a small tear in one of his lungs.

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Witnesses have told him of how the road was closed for three hours and an off-duty nurse came to his aid and helped keep him alive – and now he wants to thank her and the police, ambulance and hospital teams who treated him.

Mr Tinker, who has ridden a motorbike on the road since he was 16, said: 'I was knocked out cold when I hit the deer but as far as I know, they kept me alive.

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'It's my intention to track down the nurse to thank her personally. The hospital was brilliant, everyone was, the police, hospital, ambulance – they were superb.

'The police said most people don't survive something like that. I'm still alive and that's the big thing.'

Mr Tinker said it was his first serious crash on a motorbike and that he was thankful he was wearing all of his protective gear.

He was discharged from hospital this Monday and said he was not sure if he would ride a motorbike again.

'I need to be physically and mentally fit enough again,' said Mr Tinker who has two daughters aged 16 and 14 and is married to Joanne.

'I went past where it happened and I just felt sick. I can't remember it happening, If I could piece together what happened...there's nothing there at all.'

Meanwhile, Mr Tinker said how deer posed a great danger to road users.

He said: 'There are a lot of deer around here and some of them come straight across the road. Apparently this one came from my right-hand side, I didn't even see it come out, they are so lightning quick.

'They are lethal if you are in a vehicle. If there had been a car coming in the other direction, I would've been dead without a doubt. It''s a million in one shot but it could've been worse – long-term I will be back, that's the goal.'

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