Days away from the American presidential election, King’s Lynn man sends a personal letter to Hillary Clinton

Malcolm Cox, from King's Lynn, wrote a letter thanking Hillary Clinton for empowering women

Malcolm Cox, from King's Lynn, wrote a letter thanking Hillary Clinton for empowering women - Credit: Archant

Perhaps days from becoming the first female president of the United States, Hillary Clinton is a hugely polarizing figure around the world.

Many people in the UK have strong opinions about the US presidential election, but few reach out directly to the candidates themselves.

Malcolm Cox, 69 years old from King's Lynn, decided to write a letter directly to Hillary herself. The letter was returned back to his house because of an invalid sending address, but he says the message of the letter is what's important.

'I wrote to Hillary saying most folks in Europe are horrified about that other candidate becoming president. I wanted to do my bit as a UK citizen and write an old-fashioned, hand-written note.

'It was meant as an encouragement that it's about time someone broke the glass ceiling and made room for ladies reaching the top, and not just in the US. It was just a man letting another lady know that we need to widen the scope.

'The fact I'm from the UK wasn't the biggest part, this is a global issue. I also wanted to apologise for Boris Johnson's comments a few years ago,' he said.

In 2007 Mr Johnson compared Mrs Clinton to 'a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital.' (After meeting the presidential hopeful in 2015, he recanted: 'It is an amazing measure of the goodness and generosity of Hillary Clinton's spirit that she wants to see us in spite of those admittedly lighthearted remarks some years ago.')

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As for Mr Cox's wife Janet, though she wholeheartedly agreed with the content of the letter, the format was another story.

'She was on holiday when I wrote it, but if she was there I think she would have thought I was a bid mad. The postman probably thought I was a right weirdo,' Mr Cox said.

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