Spud Thornhill: To all those frustrated Canaries...look at how Bristol City kept the faith

City must keep the faith in head coach Daniel Farke, says columnist David 'Spud' Thornhill. Picture:

City must keep the faith in head coach Daniel Farke, says columnist David 'Spud' Thornhill. Picture: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images - Credit: Paul Chesterton/Focus Images Ltd

We travel to Leeds United on the back of our best 45 minutes of the season in last week’s 3-1 win over Sheffield Wednesday.

Coming away from Carrow Road last week, I can honestly say it was my best feeling I’ve had leaving Carrow Road so far this season. Even more than my little Carrow Road cameo two weeks earlier. But more about that later.

Yet again, in the last three weeks since I last wrote, it has been three weeks of mixed emotions being a Canary. And I’m not just talking about the football.

A couple of weeks ago at the AGM, it was the board or should I say Ed Balls who actually admitted to mistakes being made by them. And it was actually Balls who said the jury were out on the current situation. It appeared to me that they were not impressed with what’s happening and rightly so. But I was getting the vibe if things don’t change they will have to act.

As I stood hearing this, I was hoping he was not suggesting sacking our manager Daniel Farke. Despite all the frustrations, I honestly believe if we go down that road it will be putting us further back. More money will have to be spent on severance pay, something we’ve done far too much over the recent years. Plus if we revert back to having a British manager, would we get someone who’s not keen on some of the players Farke has brought in, leaving us with more players on a wage bill who aren’t playing.

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We must stick with Farke and let him have time to build this squad. Now I know it’s not ideal at the moment. As we all know, football fans are not a very patient bunch, especially us Norwich fans.

I don’t know if some of our fans think that we are one of the so called big teams and should have instant success, when in fact it takes time to make changes and build a new squad.

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I was speaking to a Norwich-based Bristol City fan I know, Martin Woolsey. Despite being a Robin, he has an affection for Norwich. We discussed the situation at both clubs and he brought up what we talked about last season.

Around this time last year, Bristol City were in the middle of 12 defeats out of 13 including a club record eight consecutive defeats. There was a lot of calls for manager Lee Johnson to go.

Martin reminded me how he was in the minority on Bristol City Supporters chat forums not wanting Johnson to be sacked.

He kept reminding people that we will need to be patient as you can see what he is trying to achieve. Johnson kept his philosophy and style of football and he is getting his rewards now by sitting third in the league.

Martin said he can see the similarities at Norwich and again he feels Norwich have to be patient and I totally agree.

This really is a season where we may have to sacrifice this season for future success. My only concern is the Canary future of James Maddison. The only saving grace is that he is contracted until the summer of 2021.

And if anyone fears relegation, I can honestly say it won’t happen. We may not have players ready for promotion but we definitely won’t be in any relegation battle.

With Alex Pritchard returning and hopefully Alex Tettey set to be fully back in the next few weeks, we will be a lot stronger for many reasons. So stay strong fellow Canaries. We’ve definitely had harder times.

Three weeks have now passed since I came out of the crowd to help out with fourth official duties.

It was the sixth occasion I have done the duties. I was only on duty for 12 minutes and little did I know how much interest there would be.

The next few days were phenomenal. I must say I found it overwhelming – the power of social media.

I tried to keep a low profile as I really didn’t think I did anything. But I must say a massive thank you to everybody who took the time to say nice words to me. I definitely had my 15 minutes of fame.

I just had to decide last week do I wear jeans or tracksuit bottoms in case I was needed again?

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