Jarrold chairman appointed as High Sheriff of Norfolk

David Hill with Michael Gurney at Mr Hill's High Sheriff declaration on Tuesday, April 5.

David Hill with High Sheriff of Norfolk, Michael Gurney, right, at Mr Hill's High Sheriff declaration at The Bay restaurant in the Jarrold store in Norwich - Credit: Jarrold

The chairman of Jarrold has been appointed as High Sheriff of Norfolk and aims to highlight the "increasing challenges" of food poverty in the county.

David Hill will serve in the role for the next 12 months to help and support the judiciary, the voluntary sector and
charities across Norfolk.

He said as part of this he will be working with the Norfolk Community Foundation (NCF) on a number of projects to ensure people have "access to healthy and affordable food to feed their families”.

The Jarrold chair is helping to launch a new Nourishing Norfolk project led by NCF to set up around 20 food hubs across the county.

Mr Hill said: “Over the last few years with the disruption of Covid and now food price inflation caused by the war in Ukraine the need for food banks and related community projects has increased significantly."

He added: “It is a special privilege for someone who was born and spent most of my working life in this wonderful county to be asked to serve as High Sheriff."