Pet owners warned that conkers are ‘extremely dangerous’ for dogs

There have been warnings over the dangers of conkers to dogs. Picture Nick Butcher.

There have been warnings over the dangers of conkers to dogs. Picture Nick Butcher. - Credit: Nick Butcher

With the autumn season in full swing pet owners are being warned of the dangers of dogs eating conkers as they are 'extremely dangerous' for our four-legged friends.

This time of year horse chestnuts have fallen to the ground, but while children enjoy collecting them they can be toxic to dogs.

There have been reports this week of a dog needing urgent veterinary attention after eating conkers and today the charity Dogs Trust tweeted some advice for dog owners.

'Whilst they may be an autumn favourite for humans, conkers can be extremely dangerous for man's best friend as they are both toxic to dogs and can cause blockages in their digestive system,' the charity said. 'A dog who has eaten a conker may have symptoms ranging from vomiting, dehydration and diarrhoea to severe toxic shock, so we urge all dog owners to watch their dogs carefully in areas where conkers are on the ground and avoid these areas if possible.'

The charity added: 'If you think your dog has eaten a conker then please speak to your vet urgently for advice.'

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And the Blue Cross charity also has advice on how to try and stop dogs playing with conkers.

Its website states: 'Don't encourage them to catch or play with them and if they show signs of becoming unwell after you have been out and about then contact your vet as soon as possible.

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'Always take a suitable dog toy out with you to distract them if they are interested in playing a game.'

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