Dalek, Doctor Who and Predator take part in charity mission in Norwich

A Dalek led an invasion into Norwich this weekend, but visitors to the city were never in any danger of being exterminated as Doctor Who's greatest enemy had scrapped plans for world domination in favour of a charity mission.

The iconic cyborg was one of a number of sci-fi characters, including Predator, Rimmer from Red Dwarf and Doctor Who himself, who descended on The Forum yesterday to promote the Nor-Con Science Fiction convention.

The event, organised by the Norwich Sci-Fi Club, will be held at the Holiday Inn Norwich North on September 2 and will help raise money for a trio of charities in the area, including Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Famous Sci-Fi celebrities at the convention will include Robert Llewellyn who played Kryten in Red Dwarf, Colin Baker who played the sixth Doctor Who, Nicola Perry who played his assistant and renowned Marvel comic illustrator Barry Kitson, who will be doing watercolour sketches for a charity donation.

On Saturday volunteers from the club, who were looking to drum up support for the event, were out with their buckets between 11am and 4pm in Millennium Plain trying to raise extra cash for charity.

Sarah Owen, 23, who works for Scope and is a member of the Norwich Sci-Fi Club, said the day was a success.

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