Dad's tribute to 'my beautiful girls'

CHRIS BISHOP The father of two teenage girls found dead at their mother's house in the Fens today paid tribute to his “beautiful daughters”.Davina Baker, 16, and her 13-year-old sister Jasmine were found yesterday morning at an address in Stretham, near Newmarket.


The father of two teenage girls found dead at their mother's house in the Fens today paid tribute to his “beautiful daughters”.

Davina Baker, 16, and her 13-year-old sister Jasmine were found yesterday morning at an address in Stretham, near Newmarket.

Their mother Rekha Kumari-Baker, 39, was arrested at the scene and is being questioned on suspicion of their murder.

This afternoon the girls' father, Cambridgeshire businessman David Baker, said: “I loved my girls, Davina and Jasmine. They meant everything to me and I loved them with all my heart.

“They have been taken from me and my whole family is in pain. They are irreplaceable. I just want them back.

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“We have so many good memories. We all used to sing together and go shopping. I was so proud to walk down the street with my two beautiful daughters. They were so clever.

“Davina was just finishing her GCSEs and wanted to become a social worker. Jasmine was academically gifted and worked hard at school.

“Both the girls had a sharp sense of humour and made me laugh. Last weekend we watched the film Grease on TV. They were acting out the parts and singing along. They knew every word to the film.

“I hope they are at peace. I would like to thank my family who have rallied around and offered so much support.

“I will not be making any other statements and I ask that I and my family are left alone at this time to grieve.”

This afternoon detectives confirmed they were examining messages left on internet chat sites by the two sisters, as part of the investigation into their deaths.

“Officers will today, as part of their detailed investigation into the girls' background, be looking into internet sites, including Bebo, that were used by the girls," a spoesman said. “They will be investigating what has been said on them and what various people have been posting.”

Both Davina and Jasmine had their own pages on popular networking website Bebo and friends have posted tributes describing their shock at their deaths.

Davina's page said: “She tries to fit in but she's born to stand out.” She was last online on Tuesday - the day before her body was found.

Online Davina wrote she had been arrested for stealing and fighting, while her younger sister said on her own website how she enjoyed drinking alcohol, while her last posting revealed that she was suffering from a hangover.

Both girls catalogue arguments with their mother and their desire to be together. Jasmine's page also told of her hopes of getting married and having children in the future.

Scores of messages on the Bebo website paid tribute to the teenagers. Many of the postings described the grief felt by their friends about the tragedy.

One message posted on a tribute page set up for the sisters said: “These two girls where so loved by so many ppl! They will be deeply missed by everyone!

“No1 deserves what happened to you! Everyone is thinking of you and your both in our hearts! Sisters till the end!"

Another read: "RIP angels! We Will Miss You Both! Love You Lots xx.'

Ayesha Somani wrote on Davina's Bebo page: "We had so many good times together. There is so much I still want to say to you and i wish that i cud say to you. I miss you so much...

“It is such a great loss: two beautifully stunning girls just gone.”

On Jasmine's page, a friend who calls herself JESSiiKAR wrote: "reading yur site makes me cry. knowing that yur neva going to have anything yu eva wanted. Yu were such a stunner and it's not fair tht yur life was cut short.

"Yu have & will be in everybodys thoughts.. everybody misses yu alredy and always will..'

A girl called Ruby also paid her own tribute to Jasmine, saying: "You were my sisters age. You have no idea how much people miss you allready, you can see it in their faces.

"School was quiet, everyone thought of you. You seemed so innocent, nothing to take a life from.'

Davina's page, on which she has the nickname Buzzzzzzzzing, contains comments including: "My family mean more then life its self to me...'

Under a heading of things she disliked she had included the entry: “Seeing Your Friends Or Family In Pain.'

Her page also contains links to her sister's Bebo site, accompanied by the caption: “Tha person that means tha most.'

Counselling was today being offered to pupils at the colleges where the two sisters studied.

Jasmine went to Cottenham Village College, while Davina was studying for her GCSEs at Cambridge Regional College.

Tony Cooper, headteacher of Cottenham Village College, said: "Jasmine was a conscientious, hard-working girl who was well liked by all students and staff.

"Her close friends are understandably very upset. The school and the county council are providing support and counselling services to Jasmine's friends and other students in the school who have been affected by news of this awful tragedy.'

Rick Dearing, principal at Cambridge Regional College, said: "We are obviously very shocked and saddened by the news of Davina's death.

"Davina was a bright and popular student who will be missed by her friends and classmates as well as the staff who knew her.

"Every effort is being made to provide support to all those who need it at this difficult time.'

Detectives have also spoken to social workers and education officials as part of the probe. A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesman said Davina was known to social services.

"Social services did have contact with the older girl regarding behavioural problems at school,' he said.

"Social services and education staff at the county council have met with the police as part of their ongoing investigation.'

Police said a post-mortem examination on the bodies of the two girls is likely to be completed later tonight.

Mrs Kumari-Baker is being questioned at Parkside Police Station, in Cambridge. Specialist family liaison officers have been supporting Mr Baker.

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