Dad joins rising TV star Pepper in a Co-op commercial

Pepper Rose Self and father Bevan in the Co-Op advert. Picture: Sonia Self

Pepper Rose Self and father Bevan in the Co-Op advert. Picture: Sonia Self - Credit: Picture: Sonia Self

A girl with fiery hair and energy to match has found herself becoming a rising starlet of television - after starring in a pair of adverts.

Pepper Rose Self, 4, was plucked from thousands to play a role in the latest ad for the Co-op, after a talent agency spotted her photograph on a Facebook competition.

Her mother Sonia had entered her, along with two of her sisters, into a beauty competition, and when the company casting the advert spotted her they called Mrs Self and invited Pepper along for auditions.

After successfully landing a role, she filmed her debut advert in London, alongside her father Bevan. The pair are seen on screen together, taking a big mouthful of pizza.

Mrs Self said: 'It all came really out of the blue, but she was so confident on the set and absolutely owned the room.

'She was very excited when she saw herself on television for the first time - she kept asking us to rewind it and will tell anybody who will listen that she's a TV star.'

The North Denes Primary School pupil has gone on to be cast in another commercial - for electrical company Phillips.

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Mrs Self, 44, added: 'I can definitely imagine her being an actress in the future because she is just so confident, especially in front of a camera.

'If she knows one is about she is always smiling, no matter what mood she is in. She thrives on being the centre of attention.

'Of course it's up to her what she wants to do in the future, but I would love for her to do well.'

Mrs Self believes her youngest daughter's distinctive red hair plays a big part in her success.

She said: 'Everywhere she goes, people always comment on her hair, so I think that makes her stand out. However, her main asset is her confidence, she has the ability to get all eyes on her as soon as she walks into a room.'

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