D’oh... Would ewe believe it Marge... Baa-aa-aart Simpson becomes the black sheep of the office at Norfolk Lavender, at Heacham

A rare breed lamb abandoned by its mother has become the black sheep of the office.

Named after Bart - or should that be Baa-aa-aart - Simpson, the baby ram has been adopted by the mail order department at Norfolk Lavender, in Heacham.

Work on processing plant orders and stuffing envelopes is punctuated by bottle feeds for Debbie Cheeseman and Lyn Smith.

'He was quite weak when he was born, his mother couldn't look after him,' said Miss Cheeseman.

'Now he tears around the office like a right one, he raids the bin and he follows you around.'

Outside office hours, staff take it in turns to take Bart home for the night.

Miss Cheeseman said he liked to settle down in front of the television, but was choosy about what he watched.

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'He doesn't like the Gadget Show theme music,' she said. 'He does this huge jump and starts skitting about all over the living room until I turn the volume down,' she said.

Taking Bart home has other drawbacks, bearing in mind sheep are not possible to house train.

Found soon after he was born at the lavender farm's rare bred animal centre three weeks ago, Bart is believed to be one of just seven Hungarian screw-horned sheep in the country.

His parents Homer and Marge, who live at Norfolk Lavender's Caley Mill HQ, rejected him.

Bart seems more than happy with his adopted human mums, who he follows everywhere.

Instead of ending his days at gas mark five, he will be paired up with a female sheep to help conserve the species - named after its spectacular twisted horns.