Curiosity and passion are keys to success, Class of 2015 is told

Students and guests gather at the Atrium for the North Walsham High School prizegiving.

Students and guests gather at the Atrium for the North Walsham High School prizegiving. - Credit: Archant

Prizes have been handed out at a ceremony to honour a group of outstanding North Walsham High School students.

A total of 37 members of last year's Year 11 picked up awards. The most prolific winners were Maisie Barber and Isobel Shuttleworth-Hobbs, who each carried off seven prizes, and Lucy Curtis-Warminger, who scooped six.

They were handed out by former MP Simon Wright, who used to be a maths teacher in north Norfolk and who now leads the charity Nelson's Journey.

He was assisted by chairman of governors Alex Robinson.

Addressing the whole of the class of 2015, Mr Wright said: 'My unusual career path has highlighted the benefits of curiosity, and using that curiosity to drive your passion.

'If you are pursuing a passion, it doesn't feel like hard work. I think that being passionate is about 100 times more important than being clever.'

Acting headteacher Ian Winter said: 'This is an opportunity to acknowledge your hard work and efforts, and to say thank you to your parents, carers and teachers for their support and efforts which have contributed greatly to your achievements.'

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He said the former students had two choices for their future: just to survive, or to succeed.

'If you choose to succeed and commit yourself to focussed goals, anything is possible,' he said.

'Enlarge your vision and think big, attract the good around you and seize the opportunities that come your way.

'You are a credit to yourself and your families, and you have the personal qualities that our community should be proud of.

'You are the type of people that I would be proud to have as my neighbour, a work colleague, or even as a friend. Class of 2015, I salute you.'