Mysterious sign leaves visitors to coastal town confused

Residents and visitors to Cromer are asking what the brown sign with a train on is for. Picture: ECM

Residents and visitors to Cromer are asking what the brown sign with a train on is for. Picture: ECM/KAY MISSP - Credit: Archant

A mysterious train sign has left visitors and residents to a coastal town confused.

Situated opposite the Runton Road cliff top car park in Cromer, the little brown tourist sign has sparked a debate online about why it is there.

Kay Missp, a member of the Enjoy Cromer More Facebook group, posted a photo of the sign.

She said: "Random question.. What's the train sign for? It's outside the cliff top car park facing out of Cromer but not one facing into Cromer?"

People were quick to respond with suggestions of it being a 'ghost train' or 'running out of steam' but the most accurate answers were given by members who remembered the Cromer Road Runner.

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Bridgette Dowsing said: "I remember using the road train to go from Runton road car park to the pier."

While Kyle Catchpole said the last time he remembered using the train was when he was aged around seven.

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"I'm 18 now, so a fair few years."

Samantha Annison added: "My son is 10 and he was quite young when I took him on it, maybe three."

Many agreed that the sign needed to be removed, branding it out-of-date.

Veronica Page said: "Use to have a little train went round the town but not for a few years now.. Bit out of date."

Bella Summers added: "You use to be able to catch a little road train that took you down town sightseeing, so assume they never took the sign down.

"They could whip it off when they decide to take the carnival sign now just above it."

Brenda Stibbons, of Cromer, said: "Perhaps this needs to be taken down!"

But Cromer town councillor and the town's former mayor Tim Adams said people may have to wait for its removal.

Mr Adams, who also serves as a Norfolk county councillor and used to work on the train, said: "It was one of my first jobs.

"Highways might remove it eventually, but unlikely to be anytime soon."

And while there were calls to bring the road train back, others did not share the same enthusiasm.

Iain Burrows said: "Bring back the road train, I say."

Susan Wilcox agreed and added: "It was a brilliant idea and would be great to have back."

Zoe Wright, a former driver of it, said: "Been gone about seven years now. Such a shame."

While Samantha Annison added: "The summer traffic was worse when that ran."

The Cromer Road Runner is believed to have stopped after it sustained an engine problem.

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