'We just need a vaccine' - Cromer reacts to being placed in tier two

Cromer vox pop. Janet and Paul Rosier. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Cromer vox pop. Janet and Paul Rosier. - Credit: Denise Bradley

People living in one of the areas with lowest coronavirus figures in Norfolk have said they are disappointed but not surprised the county has been placed into tier two.

Following the announcement Norfolk will be placed into tier two when the current national lockdown eases on December 2, we spoke to people in Cromer, to gauge public reaction to the new restrictions.

Janet and Paul Rossier, both retired and from Cromer said: "We're slightly disappointed but apparently most the country is in tier two. It's a shame. We just need to wait for the vaccine.

"We're resigned to it, we're fed up with situation but I think it's remarkable that we're on the cusp of a vaccine, we're people of hope."

Cromer vox pop. Sophie Abbs and Beanie. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Sophie Abbs and Beanie. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Denise Bradley

Sophie Abbs, 32, from Cromer, said was less optimistic. She said: "It sucks, I want to see my mum and dad."

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Ms Abbs, who works in retail, said being put in tier two had come as surprise. She said: "I thought our figures we quite good so I thought we would be in tier one but I'm also scared we've come out of lockdown especially when people are losing people."

Cromer vox pop. Stephen Fairbrass. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Stephen Fairbrass - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

Stephen Fairbrass, 64, a summer season Broads Authority ranger from Gresham, said: "I think tier two is fair enough.

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"It was pretty well predicted it was fairly obvious that was going to happen, the previous tier system wasn't working so when they left it, to some extent it was fairly obvious they were going to be a bit more restrictive."

Cromer vox pop. Sharon Anderton. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Sharon Anderton - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

Sharon Anderton, 56, from Briston, said: "Nobody really wants [tier two] but if it's going to save lives. I'm looking forward to being able to go to a few more shops and supermarkets [when restrictions ease] and perhaps being able to meet with people a little bit more frequently."

Cromer vox pop. Phil Harris. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY

Phil Harris - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

Phil Harris, 66, a computer programmer from Cromer who also manages the community centre, said tier two was causing confusion when it came to understanding whether or not the community centre would be allowed to open.

He said: "It's been confusing all along but as a community centre it looks like we're going to have to keep closed."

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