£1 million Lottery win for mystery Cromer shopper

Morrisons Cromer duty manager Lisa Saunders and checkout and services manager Zena Baker, who are ce

Morrisons Cromer duty manager Lisa Saunders and checkout and services manager Zena Baker, who are celebrating after selling a £1 million winning Lottery ticket to a mystery customer. Photo: KAREN BETHELL - Credit: Archant

A lucky Cromer shopper is celebrating, after bagging a £1 million winning Lottery ticket from the town's Morrisons store.

The mystery customer, who has asked not to be identified, bought the winning ticket from the kiosk at the Cromer Road supermarket a few weeks ago.

Duty manager Lisa Saunders said that although the store hadn't been told the identity of the winner, they were thrilled when a Camelot worker told them the news last week when he arrived with a 'million winner' display stand.

'Hopefully it's a local person,' she added. 'The store has been here for 26 years and it's quite exciting to think we sold a winning ticket.'

Checkouts and services manager Zena Baker, who is in charge of the kiosk, buys a ticket every payday and has previously won £200 on a scratchcard.

She said the store sold thousands of lottery tickets and scratchcards a week, with some customers spending up to £100 a time.

'We have sold a £30,000 scratchcard to a holidaymaker and we also had a lady who won £69,000, but this is the biggest win yet,' she said.

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'I think it's brilliant that someone has won so much and it's great news for the store.'

The mystery customer joins other regional National Lottery winners including Sue Stebbings, of Lowestoft, who won £5.6 million in December 2001; Reedham couple Mike and Jane Fisher, who won £1 million in 2014; 'Mr D', who won £93,000 in 2013, and troubled former binman Michael Carroll, who famously blew all his £9.7 million winnings and, following a stint in jail for affray, ended up in a hostel for the homeless after losing his job in a biscuit factory.

People's Postcode Lottery winners in the county have include Sue Heath, of Knapton, who won £30,000 earlier this year; four Lakenheath neighbours who shared £4,000 in November 2017, and five Norwich neighbours, who shared £180,000 in April 2017.

Ms Baker, who has worked for Morrisons since 2004, wished the lucky winner well and said that if she was in their shoes, she knew exactly what would be first on her shopping list.

'I'd be straight on a plane to Hawaii, it's my dream holiday,' she explained.