Cromer and Sheringham cricket clubs’ dramatic gesture to help actors

Drama group Stage Direct is performing a play called Outside Edge at Sheringham Little Theatre on Ja

Drama group Stage Direct is performing a play called Outside Edge at Sheringham Little Theatre on Jan 22 and 23. It's about cricket and they needed cricketing props. Play director Bernice Escott went up to the cricket ground, approached outgoing chairman Kent Laws and asked - he was happy to oblige and not only lent them loads of kit, but let them rehearse in the pavilion for free.Picture: MARK BULLIMORE

Two cricket clubs have stumped up to help a drama group bowl over its audiences this month.

Am-dram company Stage Direct is performing the comedy Outside Edge at Sheringham Little Theatre on January 22 and 23.

The action revolves around cricket captain Roger's desperate attempts to assemble a team capable of defeating a British Railways side.

But, with no cricket players among the company, and bats alone costing several hundred pounds apiece, director Bernice Escott was facing a sticky wicket when it came to finding props for the show.

Late last summer she was visiting a friend when she spotted a game being played at the nearby Cromer Cricket Club ground.

'I walked down and introduced myself and asked if they would be able to help with any props,' she said.

Kent Laws, outgoing chairman of Cromer Cricket Club, added: 'Buying all that kit would be quite expensive so I said 'no problem''.

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The club has lent Stage Direct bats, bales, balls, whites, pads, and helmets, and even allowed the cast to rehearse in their pavilion.

Mr Laws also got in touch with Wes Neave, a coach at Sheringham Cricket Club, which has lent its portable score board for the production.

Ms Escott said: 'We do not know how to thank them. It was just a spur of the moment thing, but they were really lovely people. I'm the only one in the group who's au fait with cricket. I had to explain to the others why the umpire's jacket we borrowed had six coins in the pocket'.

For those not familiar with the game, umpires take a coin from one pocket and place it in the other to keep tabs on the number of balls in each over.

The shows begin at 7.30pm. Tickets £10 from the box office, 01263 822347.

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