‘The mugs will win’ - crockery stand-off continues on A47 with ‘Mr Big’ cup

A new mug featuring 'Mr Big' appears to be thumbing its nose at officials who have removed dozens of

A new mug featuring 'Mr Big' appears to be thumbing its nose at officials who have removed dozens of cups from the A47 roundabout at Gorleston Picture: Jason Paving and Landscape - Credit: Archant

A giant mug atop its own plinth has appeared on an A47 roundabout at the centre of a bizarre crockery bombing phenomena.

Emblazoned with the words ‘Mr Big’ the latest addition is drawing chuckles from passers-by amused by the saga.

It started weeks ago with a few lone tea cups on the hitherto unremarkable traffic island at the junction of Middleton Road and Lowestoft Road on the A47 at Gorleston.

In time it was added to by a mystery person or persons until some 40 mugs and cups sat among the weeds and chippings.

While many hailed the phenomenon as a bit of fun that made a feature of a dull and unloved roundabout, there were concerns the display was a distraction and that anyone tempted to add their own china could be putting themselves at risk crossing the busy carriageway.

Amid growing notoriety - and the addition of a chamber pot - the cups were removed by Highways Agency officials.

MORE: ‘There last night but gone this morning’ - Mystery mugs vanish from A47 roundaboutIn the weeks that followed they once more multiplied and were again taken away.

The latest twist is being applauded on social media as a yet more inventive way to anonymously crockery bomb.

People on social media said it made them chuckle and applauded the return of the mugs - although some were worried about safety.

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One man proclaimed: “The mugs will win. Next time I’m coming up I’m bringing mugs with me.

“It’s art.”

Previously a Highways England spokesperson said: “We’re as puzzled as everyone else about the mysterious appearance of the tea cups on the A47 Gorleston roundabout.

“However, placing the tea cups on a busy roundabout is dangerous; not just for the perpetrator but also for the drivers using the roundabout and our on-road teams who have to remove them.”