Convicted domestic abuser with Mickey Mouse tattoo recaptured after being on the run

Daniel Coe. PIC: Norfolk Police.

Daniel Coe. PIC: Norfolk Police. - Credit: Archant

A convicted domestic abuser with a Mickey Mouse tattoo who had been on the run for more than a month after absconding has been recaptured.

Police have been hunting for Daniel Coe, 40, from Bury St Edmunds, since he escaped from Norwich Prison on December 1 last year.

But Coe, who is serving a sentence for domestic abuse offences, was caught in Norwich in the early hours of Thursday January 9.

After being arrested he was taken to Wymondham Police Investigation Centre, from where he will be returned to prison.

Repeated appeals had been made through the media to catch Coe, who has a Mickey Mouse tattoo on his right upper arm and a Taz and Daffy Duck tattoo on his left arm.

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Following his escape the victim of a harrowing domestic abuse ordeal at the hands of Coe revealed how she had been told by police to lock her windows and doors and leave her home after her ex-partner absconded from prison.

Speaking to this paper after his escape, the 32-year-old mother, who wanted to remain anonymous, described how she felt worried and angry after his escape.

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Speaking out for the first time about her ordeal, she explained how Coe stalked and harassed her for months, leaving her terrified for her and her children's lives.

She first met Coe back in April 2017 via a dating website, and said he seemed like "the perfect gentlemen".

"In the beginning he was very keen and enthusiastic," she said. "He seemed very genuine and like a nice guy.

"But after four months, his behaviour became emotionally erratic and he had mood swings.

"He had always called me lots but the phone calls became more frequent and he would get annoyed if I didn't answer in time.

"He became jealous of other men and we frequently argued about how much sex we had or didn't have.

"As things intensified, I realised it wasn't normal and felt like he was trying to control me and who I could be around. I felt he was very jealous of my kids and this made me feel worried."

Things finally reached a head after he went out drinking one weekend with friends. He rang several times and left multiple voicemail messages, calling her abusive names and making accusations of cheating.

"It was like an explosion - I decided to walk away that very night.

"He took it badly. His mood swings intensified and he continuously called me for the next few days."

Coe went on to steal money from her and by October 2017 fabricated a diagnoses of prostate cancer following which he also seemed to fake his own death.

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