Anger as country park life-saving equipment vandalised

One of the warning signs at the big lake at Bawsey Pits Country Park where people are swimming and p

One of the warning signs at the big lake at Bawsey Country Park. Picture: DENISE BRADLEY - Credit: Copyright: Archant 2020

Vandals have damaged life-saving equipment at a country park.

Bawsey Country Park, near King's Lynn, posted about the incident on Sunday, July 25 which they said is "totally beyond comprehension".

Two emergency throwlines were vandalised over the weekend. It follows efforts from the country park to raise awareness about water safety and staying out of the water.

Just last month,  20-year-old Radek Gina died after he got into difficulty in the lake there.

Radek Gina, 20, has been named as the 20-year-old who drowned at Bawsey Pits on Wednesday, June 16.

20-year-old Radek Gina died after he got into difficulty in a small lake at Bawsey Pits near King's Lynn. - Credit: Facebook

Following the incident, a friend of Mr Gina took to social media to urge people not to swim in the water at the country park.

On Sunday, Bawsey Country Park said: "Your stupidity is unmeasurable.

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"To damage equipment in place to help save a life is totally beyond comprehension.

"I can only imagine that you would be the sort of person to stick their fingers in an electric socket to see if it's live.

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"Of course, it is highly unlikely that you would understand how stupid your actions are, and I'm sure that you feel very pleased with yourself.

"Equipment can be replaced. Damage can be repaired. However, if a life was lost as a result of equipment not being available then that death would be on your shoulders. You are a moron."

It said the throwlines has been installed after consultation with the emergency services, and that the exact location of each board is known to them in the event of an emergency as each one has a code.

A similar incident took place in March this year, when a box containing newly-installed throwlines was wrenched from one of its boards located on the western side of the Great Lake.

Vandals have damaged life-saving equipment at Bawsey Country Park.

Throwlines were damaged on a board in March 2021. - Credit: Richard Wilkins

At the time, business development manager Richard Wilkins said the equipment was in place to aid in saving a life in an emergency and damaging it was potentially putting lives at risk.

The EDP launched the Play It Safe campaign urging people to enjoy the county's lakes, rivers and seas safely and responsibly, after recent water related deaths in the county.

The Eastern Daily Press has launched the Play It Safe campaign urging the public to be water aware.

The Play It Safe campaign is urging the public to be water aware. - Credit: Archant

The newspaper is encouraging businesses to help spread the water safety message by displaying the Play It Safe poster in their windows. The poster can be ordered from

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