How family and friends of murder victim are coming to terms with his death

Daniel Littlewood, who died in Clapham Woods in Norwich on Monday 22 June. Picture: Norfolk Constabu

Daniel Littlewood, who died in Clapham Woods in Norwich on Monday 22 June. Picture: Norfolk Constabulary / Littlewood family - Credit: Archant

The brutal murder of Daniel Littlewood has devastated a family - who were coming to terms with the death of his mother - as well as his friends.

Mr Lttlewood and Andrew Forbes were neighbours prior to the fatal fall-out.

Police custody image of Andrew Forbes

Andrew Forbes - Credit: Norfolk Police

They lived together at Treeview Court on Crome Road, which is a Swanton Care and Community-run facility which provides supported living services for people with mental health needs.

Treeview Court on Crome Road

Treeview Court on Crome Road - Credit: Peter Walsh, Archant Norfolk

The pair got along "fairy well" although there had been an incident where Mr Littlewood had kicked Forbes' door a few weeks prior to the murder.

That incident seemed to have stuck with Forbes who was to mention it in his police interviews after the killing.

He was upset with Mr Littlewood who had also mentioned a staff member who Forbes had been "infatuated" with before she left to return to Hungary.

But whatever the reason for Forbes' violent outburst on a night they had taken drugs together it took it has left a family devastated.

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Mr Littlewood's murder in July last year came just months after the death of his mother.

It was something Mr Littlewood's father, Owen, touched upon in a victim impact statement read out in court during Tuesday's sentencing hearing.

He said that to say 2020 was an tough year was an understatement.

Owen said "every minute of every day" was now hard without his wife of 44 years and now Daniel.

He previously described how "Daniel was a much-loved son and brother" and how his death had come as a "huge shock"

It also shocked staff at Treeview Court where Mr Littlewood, who suffered mental health problems from his late teens, was living at the time of his death.

A spokesman for Swanton Care and Community, on behalf of Treeview Court, said: “This was an appalling and tragic incident, and we wish to again send our deepest condolences to Mr Littlewood’s family and friends.

“Daniel was a popular member of the close-knit community here at Treeview Court and he is greatly missed by all of the tenants and the wider support staff.

“The wellbeing and safety of the people we support remains our absolute highest priority and we are thankful to our partners in the local community for their kindness and support in recent months.”

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