Toothless man tried to bite police constable following street violence

Yarmouth Magistrates court.Photo: Nick ButcherCopy: For: EDP /ENArchant © 2009(01603) 772434

Yarmouth Magistrates court.Photo: Nick ButcherCopy: For: EDP /ENArchant © 2009(01603) 772434 - Credit: Archant © 2009

A toothless man has been told to pay a police officer £25 after he tried to bite him following a town centre fracas.

Edward Gemmell, of Summerfield Gardens, Lowestoft, admitted assaulting a constable when he appeared at Great Yarmouth Magistrate's Court on Wednesday.

It followed an incident involving Mr Gemmell, 37, and Kerry Ann Gemmell, 30, of no fixed abode on October 15.

Lesla Small, prosecuting, said CCTV operators called the police after watching a violent episode unfold in London Road North.

In the footage Miss Gemmell is seen to assault a man and punch him in the face. Another man then intervenes and Mr Gemmell also gets involved.

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He was also seen to punch and kick the victim while he was on the floor.

She said: 'When the police arrive Mr Gemmell is arrested on suspicion of assault and handcuffed.

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'When the officer tries to search him he resists and is taken to the floor. Miss Gemmell then attempts to intervene and was abusive to the officer.

'She was under the influence of alcohol and was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

'Mr Gemmel attempts to bite the officer while he is being restrained.'

Robert Barley for the Gemmells, said: 'Coming from Lowestoft it is fair to say the Gemmells are well known to me.

'The situation is that they are a couple that have appeared before the courts on a regular basis and people that you see around the Lowestoft high street area on a regular basis.

'They both have an addiction to alcohol. I am reasonably confident that I know who the other parties involved in the fracas are. They would not have co-operated with the police in a month of Sundays.

'There was some kicking and a punch and Miss Gemmell was thrown to the floor. Mr Gemmell describes himself as 'properly intoxicated' and he apologises.

'He is an alcoholic and continues to be one.

'It would not have been a very pleasant incident for anyone in the high street to have witnessed.

'He does not have a tooth in his mouth. He is completely toothless.

'He (the police officer) was not to know that Mr Gemmell was toothless and that behaviour cannot be accepted at all.'

Both parties admitted using threatening/abusive/insulting words/behaviour with intent to cause fear of/provoke unlawful violence.

Mr Gemmell was ordered to pay £105 in total including £25 compensation to the officer.

The incident cost Miss Gemmell £80.

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